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Sunny's Note: This is a short story is about an apprentice wondering and trying to figure out what is that new feeling that he's feeling deep inside...

I came out of the apprentice den, stretching and padding towards the sun-lit clearing. The light reached my eyes, almost blinding me, as the shadows of the den left me. I walked to the clearing, wanting to get something to eat before going off into training.

"Whitepaw!" I heard a song-like voice call behind me. I turned around just in time to a see a pretty small tortoiseshell she-cat, waving her tail excitedly at me. Her bright amber eyes reflecting the sunlight. I felt a tingle inside of me. Weird. I thought.

"Oh...Hi Flowerpaw...!" I meowed nervously at her for some reason. "" I asked, not sure what to say. It was the first time my head had gone blank. Flowerpaw and I had known each other since we were tiny kits and have been very good friends. We got a long and told each other secrets. We knew that we could trust each other with anything. I swallowed hard, hoping that the next words that came out of my head wouldn't turn into a complete fail.

"Nothing much. I'm been practicing my hunting crouch - you know how hard it is for me to get it right. How about you?" she asked, sitting in the main clearing, and wrapping her flowing tail around her paws. My head started spinning and no words came out. Flowerpaw let an mrrow of laughter when I didn't answer. "Are you feeling okay? You seem a little dizzy..." she meowed to me, standing up and touching the top of my head with her tail.

"I think...I'll...I'll just go rest...for a while." I told her, heading back into the apprentices den, looking confused. What was happening? These days I couldn't even look at Flowerpaw, scared that I'd do something stupid, but I still couldn't stop myself from wanting to see her. I always felt as if a whole new side of him was present each time he was with her.

I didn't know what to do. I wasn't sure what was happening to me. Why all of the sudden, my reactions were changing. My head was spinning. My feelings were changing. They were growing. What is this? What is this feeling I felt? But I knew the answer because I had heard of it all my life. Love.

The End

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