Current: SummitClan
Past: SummitClan
Mask of Arctic Spirit
Mask of Arctic Spirit
Mask of Arctic Spirit
Stream with Stepping Stones
Falcon that Shadows Mountains, Heron of Faraway Skies
Mentor(s): Gazer of Changing Seasons
Apprentice(s): none
Book Appearances
Living: Living Appearances
Dead: Post-death Appearances

Mask of Arctic Spirit (Arctic, Arcticmask) is a mottled white she-cat with long soft fur, silver paws, a silver patch of fur covering her eyes that looks like a mask and bright aquamarine eyes.

History Edit

Stream decided, the moment she knew she was expecting kits, that she would not mention who the father was. This decision was usually respected within the clan, but as soon as the kits were born, their long pelts betrayed their heritage.

Everyone in SummitClan knows that the father of Arctic, Falcon and Heron is from another clan, most suspect from BlizzardClan, but nobody except them and Stream know who it is.

Since she was a kit, Arctic had always sensed she had to prove herself, along with her brothers, to the clan. Their long pelts were always reminders that they didn't fully belonged. Stream always called her Arcticmask.

Despite her mysterious parentage, Gazer saw something within Arctic and chose her as her very first second.

Her two brothers are extremely close and feel very protective of her.

Family Edit


He is huge, sturdy,glossy and thick-furred, lean, cream and pale brown tom with pale green eyes. He is a warrior in BlizzardClan and fell in love with Stream while bringing SummitClan to the mountains.

StreamStream with Stepping Stones (Stream)

She is is a sleek, soft, slender, silver tabby she-cat with darker paws and bright blue eyes. Cave-Guard. She used to be the In-Command of the Tribe of Sharp Stones.

FalconFalcon that Shadows Mountains (Falcon)

He is a muscular thick-furred light brown tabby tom with a nick in his ear and dark aquamarine eyes. Flash is Falcon's mentor. Falcon has a lot of respect for Flash, even though Flash tends to push him too hard and takes bigger risks than most cats.

HeronHeron of Faraway Skies (Heron)

He is a muscular dark thick-furred brown tabby tom with lighter under-belly and muzzle and icy blue eyes. Silver is Heron's mentor. Heron feels that Silver is too young, easy going and soft to be a cave-guard and even more his mentor. He often disagrees with her.

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