AuroraClan along with LunarClan and SolarClan are the clans that have decided to have multiple camps and therefore multiple sections within their clans. AuroraClan has a Thunder Section, Wind Section, River Section and Shadow Section.

Creation Edit

AuroraClan came to be from the four original clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. They came together after the destruction of the forest they used to call home.

Characteristics Edit

Their pelts very hugely in colour and lenghts.

Thunder Section:

Wind Section:

River Section: 

Shadow Section: 

Central Section

The busiest part of AuroraClan territory. Where the Central Leader and Deputy reside when they are not checking on other sections. Several cats from other sections come here to visit and give news.  

Some warriors bring their apprentices here to be made warriors by the Central Leader, which is considered a huge honor. 


Central Leader

The only that is given nine lives within AuroraClan.

Central Deputy

Thunder Deputy

Wind Deputy

River Deputy

Shadow Deputy

Medicine Cats






Members Edit

Map Edit


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