BlizzardClan along with SummitClan are the only clans to have only one camp and keep all of their cats within one section.

Creation Edit

BlizzardClan has always lived in the mountains. Their territories used to expand to parts of the currently known LunarClan and AuroraClan territories. They always had trouble protecting so much land and eventually decided, with the help of SpiritClan, to share and help the newer clans settle.

Characteristics Edit

Their pelts are long and flow like the wind. They are usually of very pale colors and very soft. They are very agile and feel very comfortable in the cold.

They have longer than usual claws that allow them to travel more peacefully on ice and harder pads which help them to walk long distances on hard, rough surfaces without breaking skin or getting sores.



Circle Deputies

Medicine Cat






Members Edit

Map Edit


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