The Forgotten Series is a series by Sunny or as you know me, Hiddensun - Sunny.

Forgotten Series Logo


"A new war has begone. Many creatures are fighting against the increasing amount of humans taking over their homes. While others take advantage of the opportunity to cause wars among nations and destroy the balance of good and bad. Mythical Schools have been closed and many species are facing extinction. The Hunters have lost their power and the Goverment has been taken over.

While everyone thinks all hope is gone, a new generation of creatures born from the ashes will soon find their destiny. To rise, even when everyone is against it and to fight all the darkness that covers the lands."


Secret Scars | Picking Up Peices | Slipping Away | Disaster Road


Creatures --> Mythical Nations or Mythical Animals | Characters --> People or Animals | Terminology | Locations


July 12th | Started "Secret Scars"

October 12th | Done Prologue and Chapters 1,2 and 3.

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