Hail of Moon
Current: LunarClan
Past: LunarClan (Travelling)
Lunar's Hail
Hail of Half Moon
Hail of Moon
Crater of Full Moon
Juniper of Moon
Apprentice(s): none
Book Appearances
Living: Living Appearances
Dead: Post-death Appearances

Hail of Moon is a small short-furred very dark gray she-cat with darker brown flecks and hazy green eyes.

History Edit

Hail of Moon grew up with Crater of Moon as one of her most trusted friends ever since they were kits.

She was often were wise and was the cat Carter, along with others, came to for advice despite being so young.

As a young cat, she has desperately wanted to become a curer, but she had known that as much joy as that would bring her, deep in her heart she would one day want a mate and a family of her own.

Still, as a stalker, she would often volunteer to travel by the curers and offered to hunt for them and protect them.

She was also very intelligent and was usually part of scouting patrols when travelling.

She had always loved Crater and they become mates once he realized how much she meant to him.

She gave birth to her only kit, Juniper, but was brutally killed while protecting Juniper, only a quarter-moon after she was born, protecting her from a fox.

Crater was very angered and went himself on a patrol to kill the fox as revenge for the death of his Mate.

After her death, she always keeps watch over Juniper and Crater.

Juniper often feels her presence beside her, guiding her.

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