• MysteryClan - Clan that appeared when an eclipse mysteriously happened many seasons ago. They are very mysterious and only fight if they have to. Their territory is in a medium-deep forest and beside the ocean.
  • PuzzleClan - They are brilliant strategists and can easily make tactical battle plans and puzzle their oponents. They live in the deep forest that contain many pines and not much sunlight.
  • SecretClan - Clan of light footed cats and peaceful souls. It has been heard that they have secret pathways and places in their clans that they only know about. They live in the grasslands where there are tunnels beneath the land.
  • SoulClan - Clan of awesome jumpers, with high spirits and very loyal to their leader. After a certain incident they changed. They changed their name to DeathClan. They were cats that killed anyone in their path. They are super strong, fast, smart and evil. They don't care about the lives of others and do whatever pleases them. They live in the medium-deep forest and also on the rocky path of the mountain.


  • SpiritClan - Clan of cat spirits living in the beautiful and powerful light of the Aurora Borealis. Cat make contact with them in the "Free Mountains" where the lights touch the earth, and give leaders their nine lifes and apprentices become medicine cats..
  • GhostClan- Clan of dead cats that instead of going to SpiritClan, they went to GhostClan because of bad things they've done. They can give leaders only five lives, unlike Spiritclan. They live in the evil shadows of teh dark Shade Forest.



  • Tribe of Arctic Lights- They live in a mountainous area that is sourrounded by a river and the forest is very dense. They are mostly smaller and leaner than Clan cats, and their pelts are mostly white, black, silver and gray.Their camp is located behind the Great Falls, in a cave.They have light, fluffy, long pelts that float in the wind to make them look like they're flying.


  • Tribe of Endless Spirits- Tribe of The Tribe spirits and ancestors.

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