Ideas for next Books.

Book 6 - Over The HorizonEdit

  • sickness spreads
    • highly into younger cats
  • spiritclan sens help and info about a herb that cures sickness:

  • wolfpaw finds out about nightpaw's death because of the sickness
  • he is dramatized
  • all the clans send cats to find herb
      • Wildpanther - Huge black tom with white paws and amber eyes. (in competition with summit into leading)
      • Bearpaw - large reddish-brown tom with bright piercing ice-blue eyes.
      • Wolfpaw - muscular blue-gray tom with piercing ice-blue eyes.
      • Hiddenpaw - she-cat with glossy black pelt, slender graceful shape, and eyes like the sun.
    • PUZZLE
      • Summitclaw - Dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes. (annoying, wants to boss around)
      • Echopaw - beautiful silver tabby she-cat with large, startlingly green eyes.
      • Darkpaw - Handsome black tom with amber eyes. Nightpaw's brother.
      • Breezepaw - Dark gray tom with black stripes and green eyes.
    • SECRET
      • Hollywood - cream she-cat with ginger muzzle, paws and ears and heather-eyes. (worry cat, thinking twice, but wise)
      • Jayscar - Dark blue-gray tabby tom with ice-blue eyes and a scar across his eye. (makes sure evey cat is following and cheers them up)
      • Hawkpaw - slender dark orange tabby and white she-cat with bright green eyes and a ripped ear.
      • Badgerpaw - Black and white tom with blue eyes
  • suspicions about sickness being from kittypets or twolegs
  • fairheart thinks that that is the hidden spirit prophecy
    • Sweetpaw is not convinced
  • warriors need to stay in camp to guard it and stay strong
  • group passed Strike's territory
    • its all burned
    • Hidden is depressed and know he's dead
  • group goes into twolegplace for food since the forest is burned and there is no prey
  • group sees the three mean cats (daphne, draco and magnet)
    • they attack groupd and recognize wildpanther and hiddenpaw
  • hiddenpaw finds chloe
    • chloe is so happy to see her
    • she decides to join them since hiddenpaw is he ronly friend
    • nala acts suspicious around wildpanther
    • seashell says goodbye
  • wolf has a crush on on hiddenpaw because she looks like nightpaw
    • chloe helps hiddenpaw with wolfpaw and he jealous bearpaw
    • when he sees chloe, they always fight
    • he sometimes flirts with her (BlairxChuck)
  • Wildpanther dissapears in twolegplace for a while
    • he's looking for bubbles
    • comes back very dissapointed and depressed
    • Hiddenpaw feels bad about how he's very sad for an unknown reason
    • wildpanther and hiddenpaw have a bonding night - he tells her some secrets
  • they find mountain with herb they almost reach it but bear appears
  • the mountain is very rocky
  • bear attacks bearpaw and wildpanther
    • hiddenpaw throws herself onto rock
    • rock falls down on bear but bring her down along with it
  • group finds bear's paw crushed and assume the bear is dead and so is hiddenpaw
  • bearpaw suffers a lot
  • so does wolfpaw and chloe


Book 7 - No Coming BackEdit

Book 8 - Unexpceted TruthEdit

Book 9 - It Keeps ContinuingEdit

Book 10 - Arriving EndEdit

  • Bubbles comes back to the clans, looking for Sunny (not Hiddenpaw)
  • But only finds Wildpanther, who discovers that Hiddenpaw was Bubbles' kit the whoel time and he was the father
  • Everyone thinks Hiddenpaw is dead
  • Hiddenpaw becomes blind one eye but will make it back to the clans
  • She meets a tribe of cats who heal and train her
  • Hiddensun and Bearhunter become mates
  • Bearhunter gets his name form killing a bear?
  • Hiddensun and Beahunter have kits (2 she kits and 1 tom) : Everkit, Blisskit and Flashkit (or Raykit?)
  • Hiddensun rekindles with Kestrel...
  • Hiddensun becomes leader, with Kestrel as her deputy
  • Kestrel and Littlefang become mates
  • chloe (silverfox? )and wolfstalker becomes mates
  • Hiddenstar dies shortly after Everflare's kits are born.

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