LunarClan along with AuroraClan and SolarClan are the clans that have decided to have multiple camps and therefore multiple sections within their clans. LunarClan has a North Section and a South Section.

Creation Edit

LunarClan had always existed as a clan of travelling cats. Their history is haunted by tragedy and danger and therefore have never trusted one location for more than a moon. When they arrive at the Free Mountain Territories, they take a lot of convincing in order to decide to make it their permanent home.

Characteristics Edit

Their pelts are usually dark and sometimes with strange markings. They have either long or short fur and their eyes shine like the stars of Silverpelt at night. 

They have extremely good night sight and have a unique ability to be really quiet. They are known for their mastering of silent signals among each other and are known for sneak attacks.The only come out a night, and if they must will come out during the day, but will lurk in the shadows. They often keep to themselves and rather not be involved in other clans affairs.


Quarter Leader

Crescent Leader

Quarter Deputy

Crescent Deputy







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