SolarClan along with AuroraClan and LunarClan are the clans that have decided to have multiple camps and therefore multiple sections within their clans. SolarClan has a West Section and an East Section.

Creation Edit

SolarClan had existed, without a name, within the Twolegplace, as a band of rogues with no leader and no order. When the Twolegs started taking action against them, posoning garbage and the mice they would feed on, as well as taking them prisoners, they formed SolarClan. This clan is made up of rogues, loners and kittypets that were close/mates to those rogues or who felt they needed more than their old kittypet lives.

Characteristics Edit

Their pelts are very bright pelts that they wear with pride. They have short fur and are very lean and fast.

They have a lot of pride in their formation and do not resent any cat for their background. They usually hunt/train in the mornings, use mid-day to enjoy the sun's heat. They prefer open spaces and love the heat. They never go out at night if they can help it and have strong knowledge of kittypets and rogues, since that is what they were formed from.



West Deputy

East Deputy







Members Edit

Map Edit


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