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Chapter 1Edit

It was September 21st 1995. It was the cloudiest, rainiest, stormiest, darkest night ever. The moon was hidden behind the darkest, biggest cloud ever seen.

Nobody came out at that time, except a pregnant mother and her husband driving the crazy car to the hospital. So, they both got to the hospital. The mother was so happy that she couldn't be any happier about giving birth to a baby. Finally, it was time. The mother was ready to give birth. So the nurses ran to the room of giving birth.

The husband wanted to talk to his wife, so the nurse left them and then the father started talking "It's going to be all ri..." just at that moment, the room started to shake like an earthquake and the lights were turning 'on' and 'off '. Then a few seconds later a bad, evil spirit came and said to the parents "I know your baby's future. Another spirit is going to visite your baby." the parents looked at each other and were wondering why, when it's goin to happen. So they both turned to talk but the spirit was gone.

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